Perfectly Imperfect: You Are Not Broken, You Are Already Perfect

It is my true belief system that we are born whole. We are born into this world with an authentic mission and vision. We are given all the tools that we need to be successful in life. When we go through relationship traumas, like separations or divorce, and everything that you knew to be true is stripped away, the Scales of Life begin to stick to you like lime deposits in your shower head. These Scales of Life are the things that start to weigh you down, they build up over time and make you believe you are broken or not worthy. 

However, when you are able to address the pain and really step into who you are, you start to notice that the changes and challenges you are going through were not placed there to make you stumble or fall but to be used as stepping stones to a NEW YOU. 

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By finding love for yourself, your Scales of Life start to fall away and you are able to view the world through completely new eyes. You begin to see new possibilities and find your happiness. You are able to be loved and give love again, and you no longer feel the need to hustle or scramble to recognize your worth from other people. Your inadequacies, lack of confidence, self-doubt, and low self-worth fall away, and you learn to step into the most authentic and beautiful version of yourself. You are perfect!

You become beautiful and confident in who you are. 

So many women think to themselves, “Well maybe if they did ‘this’ better, or had done ‘this’ differently… could’ve, should’ve would’ve… that everything may have turned out differently.” This is understandable. With so many things that have occurred in the past, your mind starts to wander to the things you could’ve done to prevent this relationship trauma from happening. You see the future that you have painted for yourself drift further and further away. You experience a lot of guilt, unforgiveness, resentment and feel shaken to your very core. You’re allowed to feel this way, but what matters is how you bring yourself back to YOU. When you get grounded in you and who you are, you start to feel back to yourself again. 

I’m not saying it won’t be hard, but you CAN DO THIS. 

Once you find yourself again, you’ll start to feel like you did before all of the pain happened. Hope starts to arise within you and you begin to radiate sunlight. I envision this as the pilot light of your heart, and trying to navigate through this trauma in your life has made your pilot light very dim. Finding your way back to YOU is going to reignite that fierce, fiery glow of your flame within.  

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You are a masterpiece. You are a beautiful, vibrant, brilliant woman. 

I want you to understand that just because you are going through divorce or separation, or what I refer to as a ‘fracture of your soul’, it doesn’t mean you will be this way forever. You are the matriarch of your home and of your family. You can work to move forward and break those generational curses by not repeating the same mistakes you’ve made in the past. 

Stepping into your self-worth and confidence gives you the capability to step out into this world as a new version of yourself. You’ll start attracting certain people, places and things that you never have before. You will have broken a cycle of toxicity and moved beyond talking about your past over and over again. Your focus now centers more on your destiny, not your history. 

The beauty of self is that you are perfectly imperfect. 

In your new-found self-love, you can recognize your flaws and your strengths, and celebrate them! You’ll learn that you are beautiful inside and out. You are not early and you are not late… and your best life is yet to come. When you step into this version and love yourself as you are, being your most authentic self, feeling the fear and doing it anyway… an amazing life happens. Synchronicities and miracles happen all around you and you witness all of the pieces that seemed to fall apart, are now falling into place. 

Your life isn’t falling apart, it’s falling together and this is where the miracle in the mess can be found. You have the choice to choose between the curriculum of the universe: abundance and expansion, or the worldly view, which is getting caught up in the pain, arguing, and feeling less than. 

It’s YOUR choice. You choose which curriculum you want to live in. When you choose the universe and step into your perfect imperfection, this is when everything changes for you.  

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