Client Love Testimonials

Lora was born and raised in the beautiful state of Idaho. She is second to the oldest of eight children. Lora is a real tomboy and outdoors kind of gal. She has two sweet little rescued fur babies that she adores and calls them children. Lora has an incredible job where she creates beautiful smiles for a living. She makes crowns , bridges and veneers which can really change how a person feels about themselves. She loves to travel, ride road bicycles, motorcycles and just get out and try anything. Lora has a great weight loss story where she was able to lose 171 pounds and continued maintaining it for 11 years with just pure dedication and a no quit attitude. Lora has been divorced for a year and a half and just happened on to the Divorcing Gracefully group and it has changed her life!! Nothing happens by chance. Lora truly believes she was meant to be here and create a beautiful life for herself and find that amazing man that is the perfect person for her.

Lora T

Rhonda graduated with a B.S. degree in agriculture from Ohio State University in 1983 and obtained a Masters degree in Communication from Regent University in December 2005. She retired early after 32 years from a regional wastewater authority where she was in charge of recycling the bi-products generated during the wastewater treatment process. She also has taught turf management and soil science as an adjunct Professor at Tidewater Community College and is currently teaching public speaking and oral communication classes. She previously hosted a local radio talk show and television show in Hampton Roads, Virginia titled “Green Tips” designed to educate garden enthusiasts. Rhonda is also a Pilates instructor and loves animals, the outdoors, gardening, and horseback riding. She owns 2 Arabian horses. 2 miniature donkeys, 17 chickens and a Rottweiler. She is a proud mom of 2 beautiful daughters and 3 amazing grandbabies ages 5, 4 and 2. They are the love of her life.

Rhonda B

Susan is a writer and editor with CNBC whose work covers a wide range of business and social topics including corporate profiles, personal investigating, entrepreneurship, health and wellness, technology, and work/life issues. Susan is a former staff writer for Fortune magazine and her writing also appears in Nasdaq, Industry Dive,, and in a variety of print magazines. When she isn’t writing, Susan is a competitive ballroom dancer, a passion she’s had for nearly 10 years. She is the proud mom of three children and one spoiled fur-baby.

Susan C.

Writer & Editor

Sonja is the owner of Clear Lake Realty, Clear Lake Rentals, and Eva Marie’s on 8th- a boutique. She also has 20 years in Information Technology. Sonja likes to enjoy her new home and patio, go boating out on the lake with friends and enjoy life. Sonja was married for 35 years and is finding herself again through the work she is doing with DG!

Sonja M

Karin V. lives in Marietta, Georgia, but is originally from Long Island, NY, specifically Babylon. She has three adult daughters and a 16 month old grandson that is the light of her life. Karin’s youngest daughter moved out in January so she is a total empty-nester. She is a Program Manager for a global Accounting Software company. Karin has been divorced almost 3 years and has been with DG since May!!

Karin V

Jill is a single mom of 3 adolescent boys and a 2 year old cockapoo. She lives in a suburb of Minneapolis and works in homecare as an occupational therapist.
When Jill is not driving for work or driving her kids to activities, she enjoys reading and spending time with her kids, other family and friends, or taking her dog for a walk.

Jill L

“I’m a different person now and that is solely because of the support system I have with Dona. She has given me new ways of thinking, changing my perspective and mindset…it’s a great adventure. “


Dental Industry

“If you’re a person that is struggling in any way because of a so-called ‘failed relationship’, Dona is the one who can put you on that path you need to be able to walk through and out of that forest of grief.”

Laurie Zimmerman


“Since working with Dona my life has changed, now I know that I have everything I need. I can lean in and know that there are so many other women just like me. I feel so much more supported, I only see possibilities.”

Julie Alholm