Lasting Happiness Starts Here

A Mastermind of Women Looking to Recover What They’ve Lost - and moving forward with immense joy

Emerge from your relationship traumas with a group of women all aimed towards the same goals: Getting ‘unstuck’ and stepping up their game.

Developed from the knowledge she gained as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Certified New York State Business Advisor, a seasoned leadership trainer, Executive Business Coach, and her own personal experience with divorce, Dona has created a 12-month Mastermind that focuses on the whole person.

Learn to forgive yourself, accept this wonderful opportunity you have been given, and grow – starting from the inside out.

Then, you can find love again.  BUT, this time it’s ON. YOUR. TERMS.

Many of Dona’s clients are scared of love, but know in their heart that they’re meant to find their soulmate.  Working with Dona means you have a clear picture of your own joy and purpose.  That foundation means love comes to you very easily.

Dona’s clients have seen it happen over and over again.  It’s not a miracle.  It’s joyful control.

In the Divorcing Gracefully & Beyond Mastermind, you’ll learn to:

Step Your Game Up

Make the mental shift towards the positive and refuse to be sucked into others’ unhappiness.

Uncover What’s Keeping You Stuck

Discover the underlying reason for the way you’re feeling and adjust your mentality accordingly.

Live Your Truth

Live your most authentic self everyday, setting healthy boundaries, and learn to love yourself first.

Meet the Heart-Centered Version of Yourself

You’ll no longer be scared to take risks because you’ll pay attention to your own needs and interests first. You’ll let go of old patterns, create new exciting possibilities and let go of judgment and blame.

It’s Up To You To Make It Happen

Get the confidence you need TO make amends with your past.
Tie up loose ends and ELEVATE your life to new heights.

Whether you are looking to increase your happiness in your personal life or business affairs, with the Divorcing Gracefully & Beyond Mastermind you can move yourself towards a bigger, brighter future.

“I came to know Dona through a mutual cohort and have come to know her really well over time.  She’s an incredible coach and person. She is part strategist, part thought-provoker, part healer and part cheerleader…and she absolutely adores her clients. She has a masterful way of knowing just the right moment to apply her skills to help her clients transform in incredible ways.  Dona’s work helps to flush out women’s soul-fractures and replace them with clarity of purpose and direction that people just can’t pinpoint on their own. She helps you to move the needle forward in ALL areas of your life – personal, professional and spiritual.  With witty one-liners and her endless optimism, Dona is always able to help me reframe my own confusing thoughts. She gets me unstuck no matter what challenge I’m having so that I can take action in a meaningful direction to create the life I want. I could go on and on, but it’s safe to say that if you’re looking for someone to help release the emotional blocks from the past, learn from about yourself, your professional aspirations, your relationships, and your potential, look no further than Dona.”

Melissa Buffington



on the other side of divorce.