Divorcing Gracefully & Beyond Certification


You’ve healed yourself from the pain of divorce and now you want to experience the joy that comes from helping others through this traumatic experience.

Pay it forward by working to make a difference in the lives of others as a Divorcing Gracefully & Beyond Life Coach.

Join me and let’s turn the pain you’ve been through into a catalyst to help others thrive, find love… and GET PAID for it! Learn to gently guide your clients to a place of self-love, gratitude, and forgiveness of self. Help them step into a beautiful life and love again just as you have.
Coach Your Clients to Relationship Bliss With This Dual Certification:
  • Divorcing Gracefully and Beyond Life Coach
  • Relationships with Grace Life Coach

You Have Freed Yourself From Your Pain

Now you can help others attract healing, health, love, trust and forgiveness. Awaken them to a new beautiful life where they create and attract wonderful new possibilities.

Being their Life Coach means being your clients’ co-pilot to navigate them to new heights of health and well-being. Soar with them through each level to achieve the true feeling of Wholeness of Spirit.

You'll become a master in coaching:

1. Mind / Cognitive

2. Soul / Emotional

3. Body / Physical

4. Environmental

And create your own financial freedom with a virtual business.

Be the reason someone was able to make a shift in their life, you can make a difference for people who are just like you!

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”


Become a part of the Divorcing Gracefully & Beyond Methodology

This proven methodology is rooted in Dona’s experience as a Licensed Certified Social Worker and Rapid Transformational Coach. Combining spiritual teachings, holistic healing practices, and psychological methods, the Divorcing Gracefully & Beyond Methodology helps women gain love for themselves and cope with relationship traumas in a peaceful, healing way. These principles can also be applied to women or men experiencing relationship stress in ANY area of their lives; including the relationship they have with themselves.

Transform Your Life

As a New York State Small Business Development Advisor, Dona teaches you to be a Life Coach AND provides you with the skills to create your own successful Life Coaching Career.

Start Your Divorcing Gracefully & Beyond Life Coaching Career by:

  • Joining a community of vibrant, courageous and committed women, just like yourself, to challenge and support you through your journey.  
  • Identifying your core offer and main business strategy.  
  • Setting up your landing page/website to draw your ideal clients.
  • Creating your Facebook Group and start a conversation with your own community.
  • Recording your Masterclass and introducing people to your brand.
  • Learning to market and sell your business for ultimate success.

Get the critical components you need to succeed!

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Schedule a call to start your dual certification in Divorcing Gracefully & Beyond today!



on the other side of divorce.