Becoming a Divorcing Gracefully Life Coach

About 13 years ago, in the midst of my divorce, I picked up my girls from school and we shuffled off to Stony Brook University. I was going back to school to obtain my Master’s Degree in Social Work.

Both girls groaned the whole way and sulked in the corner. The only thing keeping them from losing it were the snacks I brought and the promise I had made to them to stop for pizza on the way home.

Throughout class I was nudged with,  “Mommy, can we go hooooome?” And I would look at them with a smile and say, “soon….soon….we are almost done.” And that process would go on and on…until IT FINALLY WAS TIME TO GO HOME! At that time, I didn’t have reliable child care, so this was my only option.

As the girls grew up…they didn’t seem to have interest in pursuing a career in the helping field. But life is mysterious. Things have a funny way of coming full circle.

Now, Ashley is going on to pursue a teaching career and Rebecca is considering a career in Psychology. Both helping careers like their mom. Long story short, I am utterly and completely happy in my career and remarried to a wonderful man….Who would have guessed?

Sometimes life crushes you and sometimes life elevates you. I was divorced for 7 long years before I met my now husband, but it doesn’t have to take that long for you. 

Life can be beautifully challenging and surprising. One day, you might be getting married at the very location where your heart was broken and the next you could be mentoring a woman who was you 10 years ago – battling the same struggles.

Have you ever wanted to take the pain that you’ve been through and transform it into a catalyst to help others, while making an income from it?

If you’re interested in turning your pain into treasure, consider becoming a Certified Divorcing Gracefully & Beyond Life Coach.

The Certified Divorcing Gracefully & Beyond Life Coach program was created by me, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Rapid Transformation Relationship Coach so that women who’ve experienced the pain of divorce or relationship breakup can use their pain and all the tools that they’ve learned to get to the other side of divorce, to help other people do the same.

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You don’t need any special qualifications other than the desire to help others and have done the work on yourself. If you have a calling to impact humanity and break the chain of divorce for future generations, then you need to join this revolution. It’s a perfect opportunity to take something uncomfortable and tragic and turn it into something beautiful and fulfilling, not to mention make an exceptional living. 

It’s also perfect for social workers, LMHC’s, marriage and family therapists, psychologists, acupuncturists, and massage therapists to learn my methodology in which they can apply to their practice.  

Use my proven methods to move away from the traditional model of one to one and accepting low insurance reimbursement rates, and begin a new career in making other women feel self-love and acceptance. 

“You’re not defined by your struggle, you’re defined by your triumphs!”

 – Dona Rutowicz

If you’re interested in turning your pain into treasure, consider becoming a Certified Divorcing Gracefully & Beyond Life Coach. Your greatest mess can become your greatest gift.

Earn a living by doing the work you love. Right now, and for years to come, coaching will be one of the most exciting and lucrative industries to be in. People today aren’t looking to go back to college to learn skills, they are looking to invest in their personal development and well-being through easy to access modalities like life coaching. 

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Personal development is part of a trillion dollar industry!

What this means is that people are definitely looking for alternative ways to feel better through higher education.

A real Life Coach is someone who brings healing, health, love, trust and forgiveness to the 4 levels of optimal health and well-being. 

I provide you with all the tools, grace and confidence to work with people and coach them to reach their dreams, while at the same time reaching yours!

The Divorcing Gracefully & Beyond Method is a proven process that has been created by me, which I have been able to develop and refine over the last 20 years working as Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Rapid Transformational Coach. 

As a Life Coach, you’ll be able to help others eradicate the pain from their past, fall in love with themselves again, create amazing lives, and when ready, attract their ideal soul mate.

The program is structured around real-life experience, principles of success, science, spirituality and community.  I use a combination of one-to-one coaching, group coaching, and self-study to achieve the desired outcome.

This is the perfect opportunity to make your contribution, live on purpose, and honor your dreams. 

Coming out of the certification, you will have become a Certified Divorcing Gracefully & Beyond Life Coach, where you’ll have become dually certified as a Divorcing Gracefully and Beyond Life Coach as well as a Relationships with Grace Life Coach.

You will be able to coach a client through any phase of separation and divorce, and help other women just like you through relationship distress who are looking to create an amazing life for themselves. Coaches also have the opportunity to join me on a yearly retreat to places like Italy, Greece, Paris and Grand Cayman!

You don’t need a degree, any special schooling, or have a perfect life to be a great life coach. No one is perfect. Some of the best life coaches in the world have gone through the greatest struggles. That’s what made them great at what they do.  They’re able to help others because they’ve been there.

What you do need is determination, grit, and a heart that wants to help others heal. Let’s turn your pain into something good.

The best revenge is success!! 

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