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You can divorce with grace and dignity preserving and strengthening key relationships. All it takes is one person to transform the energy of a divorce. I want to show you how to divorce gracefully and still get everything you want. TODAY. So, I am gifting you the eBook for free.

Divorce is disruptive. It's painful. Your world feels topsy-turvy. Everything you'd hope for and dreamed about smolder like a dying fire. And it doesn't matter who suggested the separation, it still hurts. Sometimes when we're hurt, we don't show up as our best selves. This can lead to destructive behaviors, which makes a tough situation even harder. For you, your children, your family, and your ex.

Here's a secret you may not know:

Divorce doesn't have to be this way.

You can divorce with grace and dignity, preserving and strengthening key relationships: with yourself, your former spouse, your children, and extended family. Honoring yourself allows you to honor and respect others.

Are you ready to go from broken-hearted to whole?

Founder Dona Rutowicz knows first-hand how challenging divorce is and lovingly built programs she wished she’d had to nurture her through the divorce process. Divorcing Gracefully™ offers women three one-to-one coaching options to choose from depending on where they are in their divorce process. 

Which option feels best for you?


You're newly separated or in the early stages of divorce. You feel raw and overwhelmed. Unsettled details create a sense of being unmoored. Life comes at you at light speed and you're doing your best to take care of everything and everyone. It's time for you to take care of yourself, to nurture your broken heart, and heal in supportive, loving community.


You're mid-way through or you’ve just completed the divorce process. You may (or may not) have gotten through your separation agreement, figured out living arrangements, and divorce hearing. You're navigating your new way of being. Your days fly in a blur of activity. Maybe you've jumped back into the dating pool, and feelings of lack and timidity may arise. Your divorce feels like an opportunity to look at your life and grow into your best self. A vibrant community will encourage you and have your back as you leap from the nest and take flight.


Your divorce is behind you. Pieces of your life -- and your heart -- have been knit back together in a new, possibly more vibrant, pattern. Your broken heart is mending, yet you have a feeling there's more to life and you want to figure out what that is. Dreams you've postponed now want to be realized. You're looking for a tribe of like-minded people who have "been there, done that" and who will cheer you on as you soar to new heights.

Dona is uniquely qualified to lead others on their paths as she's

“been there, done that.”

Here’s what some of our Divorcing Gracefully™ members have to say about their experience:


Dona is able to understand what you are going through...

Amanda Hinman - President and Co-Founder, Hinman Holistic Health Institute

Dona’s experience as a psychotherapist is a great compliment to her helping people as a relationship and divorce coach. Dona is able to understand what you are going through and does her absolute best to help you and your family get through your divorce with grace. Dona is kind, professional, compassionate, energetic and reliable. She always holds her clients in high regards and when you join the Divorcing Gracefully™ program, you not only enroll in an amazing coaching program, you get to join a family and community that understands you and is there to help you get through this very difficult time. If you are thinking about divorce, going through divorce, or have been divorced for a while and now want to really take your life to the next level, then work with Dona. You won’t be disappointed.


…the voice of reason and balance to see me through the stress a divorce brings…

Nirvana Macdonald

Dona has often been the voice of reason and balance to see me through the stress a divorce brings on both an emotional and financial level. I look forward to our conversations as she provides me with that genuine reassurance and honesty. Our work is ongoing and I am truly grateful for her as she has gotten me through some very difficult times. She is a blessing.

I am ready to go from broken-hearted to whole!